Joining our tenant networks means joining the North Coast Community Housing family. Not only do we offer safe, affordable housing but we work hard to develop a sense of community for our tenants. We provide opportunities for our tenants to connect with each other and to link in with local services.

Our organisation is underpinned by our dedication to our values, people and culture. We are committed to:

  • Providing homes in safe and supportive communities
  • Improving the lives and wellbeing of our tenants
  • Diversifying and expanding our range of services
  • Connecting to our communities through collaboration
  • Providing opportunities for tenants through education, training and employment
  • Developing pathways into affordable private housing and home ownership.

The information on this page is for NCCH tenants. If you would like to apply for housing or are waiting on the outcome of an application please click here to be diverted to our ‘applying for housing’ factsheet.

Read our tenant handbook

Before you commence your tenancy, ensure you have read the Tenant Handbook.

The handbook covers everything you need to know about what to do before you move in. This includes:

  • Understanding Residential Tenancy Agreements
  • North Coast Community Housing sign-up procedures
  • Understanding rental payment and collection information
  • Understanding rental bonds
  • Communicating special requirements
  • Understanding additional terms

Get involved

Check out ‘get involved’ for information about events.

Access help or assistance

Your best point of contact for information or assistance with your tenancy is your tenancy manager.

We also have a range of fact sheets and policy documents that can help you. Find more information on what support documents are available here.

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