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Headleasing Program

If you have a property for rent on  the North Coast, you should consider NCCH as a tenant. We operate a significant headleasing program, where we directly lease properties from a private landlord (or agent). The property is then sublet to a client of NCCH.

Our lease with you is the standard residential tenancies agreement used in NSW. Therefore we have all of the same obligations that any tenant in NSW has.

We will also have a separate agreement in place with our client. However our agreement with the you is the “superior lease”. This means that both NCCH and our tenant are bound by all the conditions we agree with you.

NCCH currently has more than 160 separate headlease agreements with property owners throughout the North Coast of NSW.

Benefits for our landlord include:

  • We pay a full market rent
  • We pay our rent in advance each month and ontime directly to your nominated account
  • We pay any other required charges, e.g. water usage or repairs considered top be our responsibility.
  • We take no agent or commission fees from you.
  • We pay the full rental bond for the property.
  • Regular inspections of properties are undertaken and we complete initial and final condition reports for the property.
  • The property is returned at the end of the lease in a similar condition (less fair wear and tear) as at the commencement of the lease.
  • We employ staff who understand the legal obligations of tenants and landlords in NSW and will ensure that the tenancy is professionally managed.
  • Our staff directly manage all reports of required property repairs from the resident and ensure that only those repairs considered the legal liability of property owners are referred to the owner
  • We can supply a full repairs and maintenance service for our landlords, if this is required

If you have a property available and are interested in discussing our headleasing program further, please contact your closest NCCH office.

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