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Breaking down the Housing jargon

Providing homes, Improving lives, Strengthening communities

Community housing, public housing, social housing, affordable housing…what are they??

There are so many different types of, and terms for, housing – and while most people know they’re all really important, what they actually are remains a bit of a mystery for most.

That’s why we’ve broken down the different housing terms and explained them in a really engaging way! Click HERE to check out the animated explainer now.



The “EVERYBODY’S HOME” campaign

More social and affordable housing is the key to fixing the broken housing system. So many experts agree that if we increase the supply, we’ll not only have more affordable homes for people who need it, it’ll take a huge amount of pressure off the private rental market as well.

It’s crucial that we work together to call on our government to develop a plan to increase the supply of social and affordable housing – but at the moment, not many people really understand what the terms mean.

We’ve broken down the jargon – so that we all know what the different kinds of housing are, and why they’re all so important. 

If you would like more information about the “EVERYBODY’S HOME” campaign, please click on the logo below for a link to the campaign website.


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