Providing homes, Improving lives, Strengthening communities

Board of Directors


 Robyn Hordern – Chair

Robyn is a long-time resident of the far north coast with a background in small business management, property acquisition, property development and maintenance, marketing and Local Government.

Robyn joined the Board in November 2012 and was elected as Chair in June 2017.


Carolyn Parker – Vice Chair, MBA, GAICD, Graduate Diploma of Strategic Leadership

Carolyn has 30 years’ commercial experience in business management. Her expertise spans numerous industries including retail, tourism, hospitality, media, and property and community services.

Her experience encompasses facility maintenance and repairs, asset management, policy development, risk management, security and loss prevention, customer service, training, inventory control, logistics and events, WH&S issue resolution and emergency management.

Carolyn was elected to the Board in May 2009 and has more than 10 years’ board experience with several NFP boards and has been Chair of NCCH’s Audit, Finance and Risk Management Committee for 6 years.


Margaret Kaszo

Marg has 25 years of experience in the Community Housing Sector as a previous CEO of a regional housing association. Her skills include asset management, property development, human resources, tenancy management, financial management, community building and government liaison. As a previous Chair of the NSWFHA, she also brings a strong background in the development of the housing sector in NSW.

Marg joined the Board and was elected Company Secretary in November 2016 and held this position until November 2019.


Anders Halvorsen, MBA, MAICD, JP

Anders’ technical skills relate to management accounting across the business and corporate sector. Anders has an interest in high and low level care facilities for the disabled and a strong commitment to community building. Anders is a long-term resident of Ballina.

Anders was elected  to the Board in July 2005.


Bruce Casselden (retired)

Bruce brings a breadth of knowledge from his professional experience in senior management positions within environmental services. He holds qualifications in planning, building and environmental health. Bruce has held senior management roles where he was responsible for budgetary and operational matters. He has worked with aspects of community housing professionally including the planning, construction and occupation of buildings.

Bruce was elected to the Board in December 2006 and recently retired from the Board of Directors on 5 May 2020.



Janice Mangleson, IBCLC Cert IV BE (Counselling), Cert IV BE (Community), LREA

Jan has been a long-time resident of the Byron Shire. She and her husband Jim brought up their family on a rural property north of Mullumbimby. They now live at Ocean Shores. As a licensed real estate agent and local government Councillor, Jan has been interested in affordable and social housing for many years. Jan is a lactation consultant in private practice.

Jan was elected to the Board in November 2012.



Philip Belletty

Phil has extensive experience in the Government and private sectors. This experience includes all aspects of management including being a CEO with over 50 Staff, reporting directly to a Not for Profit Board, facility management, developer of service delivery strategies, strategic capital investment planning, maintenance planning, asset and land acquisition, disposals and leased asset management plus marketing and extensive community engagement with indigenous communities, local community organisations and all levels of government.

Phil was elected to the Board in November 2017 upon the retirement of former Chair, John Stone.


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