When should I get tested for COVID-19??

27.07.2020 in Community, COVID-19

Not sure when you should get tested for COVID-19?? 🤧😷 Check out the list of symptoms that you should look out for below… Don’t know where your local COVID-19 testing clinic is?? Find out by visiting

Current Emergency Contractors List

10.07.2020 in Latest News & Events

Emergency Maintenance … who to call??? Click here for the list of contractors to call if you have an emergency maintenance issue. Emergency Repairs to Leasehold Properties If you are a tenant in a leasehold property and require emergency repairs, please refer to your lease for…

It’s important to get tested for COVID-19

26.06.2020 in Community, COVID-19

Some important information from NSW Health about the importance of getting tested for COVID-19. It’s important anyone with symptoms gets tested for COVID-19. Encourage friends and family over the age of 50 to get tested, even if their symptoms are mild, such as loss of smell, loss…

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