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Apply for Housing - (Affordable Rental)

Emergency housing assistance 

NCCH does not provide immediate housing assistance. However, we are able to assist people in accessing local services that may be able to provide Community Housing Services and Affordable Rental. If you need more information about these services, please contact your local NCCH office.

NCCH can also assist people who are homeless (or are at risk of becoming homeless) to access Housing NSW’s Emergency Temporary Accommodation scheme. Further information can be obtained by contacting any NCCH office. You can visit the Emergency Temporary Accommodation site, which includes after hours contact details and information about other helpful services for people at risk of homelessness.  NCCH also has a factsheet available for local people interested in applying for Temporary Accommodation assistance.

Social housing

NCCH provides long-term social housing and Affordable Rental for eligible people with special needs and people on low and moderate incomes in the far north coast of New South Wales.

In NSW, there is a single Housing Register (or waiting list) for social housing. You can apply to be on this waiting list at the office of any community housing provider (such as NCCH) or at an office of Housing NSW. You will be asked to complete an application for housing and you will also be asked to provide documents that establish your identity. You will also need to provide proof of the income received by yourself and all other members of your household. Depending on your background or situation, you might also need to provide additional information.

For the current social housing eligibility criteria, check out our Applying for Housing factsheet. You can also download our How Can We Help You? brochure.

For more information about the NSW Housing Register, including all the required forms, visit the Housing Pathways website here.

Affordable housing

NCCH provides some properties under its affordable housing programs. These programs are generally directed to assist local people who may be working and cannot afford to live in the private rental market close to their place of employment, training or education.

Compared to our general housing properties, there are some very important differences with affordable housing, including:

  • The method used to assess the rent to be paid by the household; and
  • The impact on our tenants’ ongoing tenancy with NCCH if the total household income become greater than the eligibility limits for the relevant affordable housing program. Information about all of our affordable housing programs, including current eligibility limits, is included in our factsheet. A copy of our complete Affordable Housing Guidelines are available for download.

Anyone interested will need to complete the General Application form (one to be completed per household) and the Applicant Information form (to be completed by every household resident aged 18 or older).

Housing Partnerships Program

NCCH works in a range of formal partnerships with support services providers in order to ensure that those most vulnerable in our community have access to local social housing. The partnerships, where NCCH deliver tenancy and property management services (generally from properties within its existing portfolio) whilst the support provider delivers ongoing support/care services to the tenant, are conducted according to arrangements that best promote the sustainability of each tenancy.

For more information about our supported housing partnerships program, please visit our Partnerships page.

Our Rough Sleepers Project provides 4 units of transitional rental housing in Lismore for homeless people or for those at risk of homelessness. Each vacancy on this program is advertised amongst our local community networks and any agency which provides ongoing support services to homeless people is eligible to refer their clients to this program.

Any community agency interested in referring clients to this program can add itself to our community mailing list by contacting our Lismore office or by sending a request via email here or the Contact Us page on our website.

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