NCCH Educational Awards Scheme

Applications have now closed. Applications for Round One for the 2019 Awards Scheme will open on 1 April 2019.

Please see details below on how to apply.

What is the NCCH Educational Awards Scheme?

In 2013, as part of its 30th anniversary celebrations in 2014, North Coast Community Housing (NCCH) introduced the Educational Awards Scheme. The Scheme is designed to assist NCCH tenants by easing the financial burden of educating their children and/or themselves. It is also designed to encourage tenants to pursue their ambitions in sport and creative arts.

By supporting students to achieve, the NCCH Educational Awards Scheme is a way of building community capacity, leading to future social and economic engagement in society and, to date, NCCH has assisted a number of students and adults to meet some of their educational expenses.

What are the Award Categories?

There are three categories under which tenants can apply:  Education  |  Sport  |  Creative Arts.  Successful applicants can use their Award prize money to purchase, or put towards, the following items:-

  • Education – Computers, software, books, technology, school supplies and tuition
  • Sport – Sporting equipment, uniforms, registration fees, coaching sessions
  • Creative Arts – Musical equipment, costumes/uniforms, tuition fees, music/drama/art classes

What is the prize money for each Award Category?

 $1,200 each for university or TAFE/college students
 $800 each for secondary school students
 $400 each for primary school students
 Awards for adults/school leavers pursuing interests in creative arts or sport (Award value determined by age of applicant)

When can I apply?

The Educational Awards Scheme will be run twice per year: opening 1 April (closing 31 May) and opening 1 September (closing 31 October) each year.

How do I apply?

Click here for a downloadable information pack for the 2018 NCCH Educational Awards Scheme which provides more details.

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